Balloon Estimator

Welcome QBN members! Use this quick-and-easy Estimator to figure approximately how many Qualatex latex balloons you’ll need for 4-balloon cluster garland, arches, and columns.

Based on the “QBN Balloon Basics” kit, the formulas are:


(Length of Garland in Feet / Inflated Balloon Size in Inches) x 60


(Length of Garland in Meters / Inflated Balloon Size in Centimeters) x 500

To use the Estimator, simply fill in the blanks WITH NUMBERS ONLY and press “Enter.” The result is the approximate number of balloons you’ll need. The actual number will vary depending on how tightly the garland is packed and the consistency of the inflated size. Be sure to have extra balloons on hand so you’ll have enough and can allow for last-minute design changes.

Length of Garland in Feet Inflated Balloon Size in Inches Approximate Number of Latex Balloons Needed